Sunday, November 4, 2018


I'm reading a book called A Glorious Freedom: Older Women Leading Extraordinary Lives.  It is a conglomeration of essays about women who achieved things after the age of 40.  I can relate to its emphasis on the fact that you are never too old to start something new.  I started running on my 40th birthday, because I wanted to run a half marathon as a celebration of my age.  Prior to that my last official run was in high school.  I complained the whole time I worked out.  The day after the marathon I swore I was going to burn my running shoes.  Then my friend from Denmark told me to pack my running shoes, because she had entered us in the world's largest 5k.  Three months later I ran the five k and again swore I would never run again.

Funny thing is running kind of grew on me.  It also grew on my running partner, Ella.  Our Sunday runs have become tradition. She watches me like a hawk for any sign of running clothes.  Today she was a little miffed because she had to wear her orange neck gaiter.  It is hunting season and we both wear orange for safety.
As you can see, our route has beautiful views.  I'm lucky we can go out the front door and just run. Ella is a great partner and always stays right with me.  Today was fun because there was a light dusting of snow.   We saw coyote tracks, deer tracks, and even a set of lion tracks.  I was going to take photos  of the tracks, but the snow was so blinding I didn't get very good pictures.  It is funny how my opinion of running has changed.  I enjoy the feeling I get from running.   I believe they call it a runner's high.  Hopefully, the snow will keep at bay for a while and I won't have to change my running shoes to snow shoes.  

This week I stopped by to visit my relatives, Bob and Phyllis.  I was doing a bit of trading.  I had some honey, jam, and a sweet grass braid.  In return I got some hand knitted dish cloths and a little something extra.  Phyllis is familiar with my desire to have a picnic basket for each of my nieces and nephew.   She happened to see one at the old store in Aladdin, WY and she got it for me.  Now my collection is complete.  She even managed to find one that stayed with my red theme.  You can see it a little better at the bottom.  It is a Red Man picnic basket.  It is in perfect shape.  
We had a wonderful visit talking about history, hunting, and food.  She also found a photo of her, her brother and my mom, with her brothers and sister, riding in an old hay cart.  It is just like the one my husband restored.  They talked about how Sonny would push them all over in that cart.  I cannot believe no one lost a hand or finger in those wheels.  It is a great photo.  

It was a good week.  Great company and the weather has been holding.  We had snow yesterday, but this morning was a beautiful day for a run.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  What is something you started doing after 40?  Do you have a photo of an old hay cart?  


  1. I started blogging and creating websites in my 50's and changed the direction of my career in my late 40s. No running on the horizon though!

  2. Hmmm...after 40 I began blogging. I also started running, and then when I ruptured a disc in my back at 47, and had back surgery, the doctor highly recommended that I not do such things that could be bad for my back. I enjoyed that runner's high as well, and so wish that I could begin again! My metabolism has changed and I know it's only going to get harder to keep healthy!

  3. I ran a 10k just to believe in myself better.Each decade gets a bit tougher, but I still felt pretty young then. At a seminar this morning I was the youngest in the bunch, with many eager to find out where I lived and who I was in this new community.

  4. Talk about a view! I like to run but I love to walk, don't even get me started on baskets, lol. Bonnie have a great day.


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