Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Back to class...

I haven't posted because as of January 2, I am back in school.  I have to take a re-certification class to renew my administration and teaching certificate.  There are a lot of firsts with this.  

It is the first time I have taken a class just to re-certify.  Classes have always been for a reason; to get more endorsements or to get my masters.  I'm having a difficult time taking a class just to take a class, so I picked a hard one - action research.  Ouch!  

It is the first time I have done an online class in this digital age.  For one class I now have 3 new e-mail addresses, three new passwords, and an online locker.  I still have no clue what an online locker does.  I looked in it and there was nothing.  I wish I could cram some of the things in my office locker in there: tons of photos, student work from long ago, a dead plant or two, coats, a Nepali dress, an African dress, and a set of grungy clothes in case I need to work with the chickens or in the garden.  Somehow, I don't think any of that goes in an online locker.  If anyone knows what I put in there please fill me in.  

It is also the first time I have used the new APA format for papers.  Did you all know that you no longer are supposed to space twice after a period?  There should be an age limit on this.  I learned to type on a typewriter.  Muscle memory dictates two spaces.  I tried to be aware typing my first paper and I was only successful once.  I spent more time deleting extra spaces than typing the paper.  Argh!

Anyway, don't give up on me.  Posts are probably going to be a bit scarce until April.  Either that or they will be like this one filled with new revelations.  Like the new virus my computer has after downloading or uploading all this class stuff.   In an attempt to alleviate my fears that I may be too old for this digital age learning, I am going to post some peaceful images from the snowshoe excursion Ella and I took on Sunday.  


  1. I took two online courses to reach my top category in teaching. At that time, there was nothing called an online locker, so sorry, can't help with that. I guess you put your virtual stuff in it. You'll be fine. I discovered that online courses are time consuming, but not so time consuming as having to get up, go to campus and sit in lecture halls! You can do your assignments in your pajamas if you want. -Jenn

  2. Never took an online course, thankfully! Are you the only one to have access to your online locker or does the prof get to go there too? If that's the case it may be where you park your paper for them to see? Or if a group project where others can see your part? Just a guess. I have no clue. Let us know when you find out so we canals be enlightened.
    Good luck.

  3. Yikes, had to do a lot of continuing ed classes but stayed away from the online. I like to have it more real. LOL No snow hardly around here

  4. I'm sure your locker will fill up quickly. An advantage I guess is that it will have expanding space unlike your office locker.

  5. Oh..I've been so tempted to pursue my master's online but I always stop short because it wouldn't make much of a difference at this point in my career. I have wondered how hard it would be to take a digital class. I still type with two spaces after finishing a sentence, so I agree with you, there should be an age limit on these new APA formats.
    Good luck as you trudge through it. Too bad you can decorate the inside of your digital locker door with magazine cut-outs of hunky men, flowers and nature pics :)

  6. i can't imagine taking classes at my age...and an on-line locker is greek to me. good luck to you, i have great respect for what you are doing....

    and it was so nice to see you today. your pictures are beautiful!!


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