Sunday, January 20, 2019

January Blahs...

 Not much going on at the cabin.  Homework is cutting into my project time.  Homework and housecleaning is about it for the weekends.  I still haven't figured out what the on-line locker holds.

Since this is a 3 day weekend, I did sneak in a snowshoe hike at Eagle Cliff with a friend of mine.  It started out pretty sketchy.  I studied the maps and knew what trail head we needed to start from.  Problem was there were no warning signs that a trail head was ahead.  We would come around a corner and there it was.  Ok, we will go to the second one.  Missed it also.  Drat.  The major trail head we managed to find.  We stopped to look at the trail maps.  

Problem was it was a cross country ski trail.  We had to return to the first trail head for the snow shoe trails.  There were two other women at that trail head looking to snow shoe and we all decided to go back to the first trail head.  Problem was, we couldn't find it.  Where we thought it was, turned out to be another cross country ski trail head.  I'm just going to say that a cross country skier was very quick to point this out.  We all headed out again.  I pulled my jeep into what we thought was another trail head, but it wasn't.  The other ladies drove by in search of the ever elusive snow shoe trail head.  

We said to heck with it and decided to show shoe on the the Forest Service road on the opposite side.  I was relieved my friend was good with this choice, as I was getting pretty apprehensive that we were getting lost on a highway much less a bunch of little crisscrossing trails in the woods.  Our Forest Service road turned out to be an excellent choice.  A snowmobile went down the middle of it, so we could walk next to each other and visit.  It went right down the middle of a beautiful meadow.  There was nobody else around, so Ella could run without bothering anyone. We had a great time.  After the hike we went to the Sled Haus restaurant in Lead and had an excellent meal.  As far as we know those other two ladies are still driving around trying to find the mysterious trail head.
I don't know how I got so lucky.  A great husband, a beautiful cabin, and good friends.  I am thankful I got to spend the day with Michelle.  I have a lot of respect for her and enjoy her company.  Plus, we were both going stir crazy with the winter weather.  How do you keep active during the winter?  Have you ever had the same experience where the more you look the more lost you get?


  1. I was picturing you getting lost, so I'm glad you decided on another plan! We're not so much snowbound, as we are stuck in this arctic blast. Soooo cold! -Jenn

  2. Our winters don’t tend to be as restrictive as yours so we generally can get out and about fairly easily and even get some gardening jobs done.

  3. Snow shoeing sounds like fun, and so does your adventure with your friend and Ella! I've never tried it...and we often don't get enough snow to make it worth investing in snow shoes here. We've just hit a deep freeze here...single digits and frozen water bowls in the barn this morning. I get the blahs when it's dreary outside, but at least the sun is shining bright today!

  4. once I pulled what I thought was parking and it turned to be only a flat area the snow hadn't filled in. The ranger who came by had a good laugh and took me to where I needed to be.

  5. Hi Bonnie!
    Yes, walking out in the cold is winter for you!
    I'm glad you found your way.

  6. I would love to snow shoe!! Not here of course. But somewhere. I am such a scaredy cat just reading about you not finding the trail head made me feel panicky. My biggest fear is loosing my direction in the snow.
    We are having lots of rain which is wonderful and nice, but its mud. I go outside and stand in the mud and dream of my garden. I think January is just that way. I hope you have a lovely new week and I hope you have a nice day home today.

  7. Glad you found the trail. I have yet to pull out my snowshoes. It was minus 41 degrees Celsius here yesterday morning. Today it is supposed to rain. It is the weirdest winter yet. Good friends, husbands who care and a cozy cabin is all one needs to get through the winter. Have fun take care. B


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