Sunday, February 17, 2019


It is -4 and still snowing. Ella didn't even want to go on our weekly excurision. I believe this photo says it all.

I sure hope it is nicer where you are.


  1. Brrr...that's just wrong!! Much warmer here (34) but raining. Again. Hopefully it will soon be nice enough for you to go on that picnic!! In the meantime, it's nice to dream...

  2. It’s unseasonably mild for February here at the moment.

  3. That is so cold! I love your reading during the cold. We have had so much rain, all I can do is look at catalogs. Its too muddy. Have a great week.

  4. Hello from’s 47F here and a bit rainy. Don’t think I’d like a ton of snow.
    So, I’ll stay a safe distance away and watch through your eyes! 😂
    Enjoy and stay warm!

  5. so much excitement and hope!! we have had a pretty mild winter here in new jersey. we have only had a small amount of snow!!


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