Sunday, February 10, 2019

Let's go on a picnic...

I've had it with cold weather.  It has been below 0 most of this week.   We all have a case of cabin fever.  I want to go on a picnic.  My husband and I were at the hardware store and I saw this wonderful camping dinner set.  Cups, bowls, plates and silverware that perfectly match my red Let's Go on a Picnic basket.  I'm in love.  They look pretty snappy if you ask me.  The best part is they fit in the picnic basket perfectly.

 Not quite an Instagram photo, but I am desperate for entertainment.  Maybe next weekend I can take my new combination for a spin.  I think it is supposed to be in the 20's.  That is like a heatwave.  

Poor Ella has been cooped up in the house, so I had to take her on her Sunday run today.  It isn't as pleasant in 5 degree weather.  I can't say we went very far.  It is hard going when you have five layers and overalls on.  

I apologize for the short and not so creative posts.  I also haven't been commenting as much lately.  I am entrenched in my on-line class.  I'm kind of tired of typing.  My brain is stretched.  I think I may have found what I'm supposed to put in my locker.  I think it is used to download files.  I haven't done that, because my I-pad is much faster and I can read while typing.  The problem is I think I have to download files into it for my next assignment.  Ignorance was bliss, now I have to learn something computer related.  Drat. Wish me luck.

Thank you to those who have posted happy plant photos.  They are keeping my spirits somewhat afloat.  As for the rest of us in the deep freeze, there has to be and end.  Right?


  1. I love your picnic set! That online course is a long one! How much longer do you have to go with it? -Jenn

  2. Ella doesn’t seem to mind the cold.

  3. So sorry for the extreme weather you are experiencing,. The red picnic set is pretty, I too love picnics.
    Have a blessed day.

  4. I have taken my hotplate along and fixed a quick breakfast,or even grilled cheese, or even cooked on charcoal. I like to have something hot when out, my thermos is still hanging somewhere I left it last spring and walked away I hope.

  5. I love that picnic basket!!! That makes me happy too. I love the red and I love all of your dishes.
    Well good I am glad you liked the pictures of spring. Its been so cold and rainy here that I am feeling a bit of the cabin fever. Though today I am making ice cubes of lemon juice and juicing oranges. It does help a bit. I bet you are tired from you class. Have a good week and I do hope it warms up.

  6. Deep freeze here too. Lambies are coming. We are doing our best to keep the barn warm enough and they are doing fine. Still hoping for warmer days. I like your idea of a picnic, but I don't want to eat in the snow. Love your dinner set. Keep your chin up. We are one more day closer to spring!

  7. Beautiful red picnic set! Oh, yes, winter has been really making itself at home here, too. Another 14" blizzard yesterday and now the wind is making a mess of it. More snow for Thursday and into Friday, but that's normal for us. I went for a walk tonight and it was a 'balmy' 23 degrees which felt downright warm after -30. We'll get through this, right?


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