Sunday, July 14, 2019

Flowers and more flowers...

Please forgive me.  I finally have flowers so I'm afraid you are going to see them until you are nauseous.   This isn't the best photo, but I have enjoyed watching the three baby chipmunks that have found a home in my birdhouse.  They are a hoot to watch.   The beauty below trotted by Monday morning as I was having coffee on the porch.  I wondered what Ella would do if she saw the fox and the answer is... Nothing.  She just watched it go by.


My mother-in-law gave me some monstrous hostas.  I had more fun hauling them around and taking photos of the in the cart Kelly rejuvenated for me.  

I had am truly happy to see the garden in bloom.  Today was the perfect day.  The sun was out and then this evening it cooled down nicely.  We were surprised by fireworks last Sunday, as it was raining too hard to shoot them off on the Fourth.   Kelly and I enjoyed a few days at home after a whirlwind family tour.  

I'm sure your gardens are way ahead of mine.  What do you have blooming?


  1. The iris are gorgeous. Such a mixture of shades, too. Day lilies blooming in the bed where I'm fostering plants for daughter who has moved north to an apartment in Buffalo suburbs. I'll have these until they find a house to purchase and then a garden to populate.

  2. Yellow roses are my favorite. You added those just for me ~ thank you 😊

  3. The flowers are beautiful, the chipmunks are so cute and love the photo of Ella.

  4. Your irises are magnificent! I can't believe those blue ones! -Jenn

  5. What a beautiful place you live and your flowers are so awesome. What cute house guests you have in the bird house.
    My dog just watched the foxes too, I always wonder why she doesn't do anything.
    I have been to busy with my garden, not complaining, to even look at my flowers. Its been a lovely summer.
    Enjoy your place.

  6. Your flowers and wildlife pictures are always amazing! I really look forward to seeing them! It's especially nice when our iris are already long over, and the stalks are looking pretty tired. My gerberas are looking pretty happy right now, and my green beans and cucumbers are going crazy!


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