Sunday, July 7, 2019

Whirlwind Family Tour...

Kelly and I went on a whirlwind family tour.  We were able to visit my sister, his mom, his brothers and sisters, his nieces and nephews, my brother and my parents.  It was a big loop up I-90 and back through South Dakota and Highway 14 & 34.  Although it was a quick visit, it was good to see everyone.  A few photo highlights...
There are always hummingbirds in Minnesota and Darlene is still in her 70's.  We had to drive by and check.

Kelly's mom was renovating her garden, so she gave me 3 giant hostas, lilies, and purple cone flowers.  One hosta filled half the pickup bed.  People kept looking at us, because it looked like there was a garden in the back of the pickup.  They made it home and were immediately transplanted under the deck.  A big thanks to Cindy.  

 What?  A picture of a lake in Minnesota.  Who would think of such a thing?

We took a walk every morning at the St. Charles park.  It was very nice.  Then off again to South Dakota.  At my parents it isn't hummingbirds, but turkeys.  Not lakes, but the Missouri River.  We took the back roads and I must say it was nice to slow down and not have traffic.  
 Mom's flowers were amazing.
 This family of squirrels was romping all over.  These two stopped for a quick family portrait.

 I am so lucky I was home for the cactus blooms.

 The Prairie is My Garden
 Look at that little bugger run.
 A look across the mighty Missouri River.
 Canvasback Ducks
 I was lucky to get this shot outside of Sturgis, South Dakota.  The sweet clover is crazy this year and I can't think of a prettier shot.

It was a wonderful trip and great seeing everyone.  Best of all, coming home to a yard in full bloom was a perfect end.  Did you go anywhere for the Fourth of July?


  1. We stayed home on the 4th. Fireworks were viewed from friend's 13th floor deck but were a disappointment. The humidity kept the smoke in place so that all we could see after 5 minutes was the smoke clouds lit with color. Friday we had lunch in Annapolis on the water with friends. Saturday we went to VA to take Dan's mom flower shopping and enjoy lunch out. It was a nice weekend.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Another part of the world I've never been to. That hosta is amazing - you could divide that up another few times. -Jenn


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