Sunday, August 18, 2019

Enjoy the little things...

 Life was meant to be enjoyed.  There are so many little things out there to be appreciated.  A front porch is at the top of my list.  Add a few lanterns and some string lights and it becomes a place of peace.  
  A porch is pretty big compared to the joy of watching a caterpillar munch on a leaf.    There is also watching a toad hop across the sand.  I miss toads.  Growing up they were everywhere.  I believe we have too much clay in our soil and I am toad deprived.   I regret this as they are one of my favorite creatures.  It was a peaceful watching the caterpillar below swing back and forth with the breeze on his grassy hammock.  

 Another of life's simple pleasures comes with finding your favorite berries (buffalo berries) are plump and should be ready to pick in a few more weeks.   Soon they will turn from orange to a ruby red.  

We had a busy weekend cleaning the garage, mowing, cutting trees, preparing tree stands for hunting season,  cleaning house, and picking berries.  Still we weren't too busy to notice the little things around us and  under our feet.  

I am thankful every day for the life I lead.  What is your favorite little things that you observed this week?


  1. I've not come across buffalo berries. The on;y little things not welcome are those that nibble our plants

  2. Your new header picture is fabulous! I was out in the summer kitchen working and had my "peaceful" music going. At times it will have nature sounds, birds, water, etc. It evidently had some prompting sound as one of our little frogs began chirping along:-) I chuckled. Little bugger, I keep putting him out in the garden and he(?) keeps finding his way back in.

  3. you are right about the little things, i like yours!! yesterday i watched my 2 great nieces cheer at a football game and today i released 2 of my butterflies!! i know i have more, those are my 2 recent ones!!!

  4. Spending a beautiful evening at the park enjoying a free concert with friends was a highlight in the past couple of weeks. The humidity has now set in, so sitting at my desk at work in front of the A/C is quite nice! :)
    Buffalo berries...never heard of them! Do you eat them fresh, or make them into jam? Or pies?

  5. Everything is just beautiful. I love those wooly worms, and I love those buffalo berries.
    It sounds all good the things you are doing. I just love this time of year. This morning a flock of Canadian Geese flew over so low, Fall is around the corner. I love seeing the V patterns at the birds start moving. Have a great week.,

  6. Hi Bonnie! Oh, we have scads of butterflies on the zinnias right now. The tiny birds are digging in the garden, too. Today when I was filling in some bare spots I thought, "This weather is so warm and cozy. I'm going to miss it when the weather gets cold." Sometimes I complain about the heat. LOL!

  7. So many little things. The grandkids have brought me caterpillars to identify and then we saw the butterflies flitting about -- the Swallowtails. Zinnias are in all their glory now, green grass, warm days with a breeze to keep mosquitoes down.


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