Sunday, August 25, 2019

Un bee-leavable

 For as much as we did last weekend, I wasn't as productive this weekend.  The weather was just too beautiful.  I thinned some daylilies, made cucumber jelly, and picked tons of slugs out of the flower beds.  I also spent a lot of time taking photos.  I think the bees feel fall is on the way, because they have put pollen collecting into overdrive.

 I don't know where this guy came from.  I'd say his clock needs reset.  My turnips are looking good.  Have have two nice little pumpkins.  My corn looks great, but needs to get moving.  I don't think there is a lot of summer left.

 This is a prennial spinach called strawberry spinach.  A friend told me about it and I am sold.   It doesn't really bolt.  In late summer it gets these little berries and they taste good.  My greenhouse is chaos, but things are growing.  The outside garden isn't doing too bad, but a mouse nibbled on all of my zucchini.  I have plenty of chamomile for tea and spa treatments.

I love this time of year.  The cool nights, harvesting from the garden, everything seems to slow down.  I hope you are enjoying your August.  What are you doing with you garden harvest?


  1. Your flower and bee photos are amazing - you really captured the iridescence! -Jenn

  2. Your busy bees really are intent on their work. You really got some great shots of these beautiful little critters. Our veggies are about done for the year, but the flowering ones are still open for business.

  3. Those are some amazing photos!!! Been up to my elbows in tomatoes - thankfully. I ended up having to purchase some last year, so this year am loving the bounty.

  4. Love the bee photos - flying teddy bears

  5. Your photographs are just stunning. I love how pretty fall is coming at your house faster than mine. We are going to Northern California in a few weeks to see the National Heirloom Expo. I am so excited to see all of these seeds. My son Ben and his wife are speaking for Baker Creek Seeds. I bet I bring home more seeds than I have land. Have a lovely week.


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