Sunday, October 13, 2019


It was a nice fall while it lasted.  I regret not taking more photos of the leaves.
Now fall is over and winter is clawing it's way in.  The poor trees took the brunt of it.  I have to admit, I pretty much hibernated this weekend.  I did make some apple crisp and chocolate zucchini muffins. After all you need to hibernate on a full belly.
 We did go bow hunting this afternoon.  I had a blast.  There were lots of does and fawns.  They came right up to the blind.  A little rabbit kept me company.  Even though he knew I was next to him, he just hopped around nibbling on everything there was to nibble.  I never saw a buck, but it was an enjoyable sit.

As my husband and I walked out, a fawn came running up to within 10 yards and followed us back to the truck.  He doesn't seem to have a mother and must have been lonely.  The moon was amazing.  It looked like the giant pumpkin rising from the prairie.

Are you ready for winter?  After my flurry of preparation, I know I'm ready for a long winter nap.


  1. Well, that was a short fall, for sure. Hibernation sounds pretty good to me. I'm ready! Enjoy your long sleep.... :~)

  2. Wow snow already I don’t blame you for hibernating I’dnhave wanted to adopt that fawn,

  3. when you hibernate and when it snows, you have to have the right foods!!! it sounds like yours was perfect!!

    i can't believe you have snow already!! i am ready for a long winters nap, i have been way too busy!!!

    your images are beautiful, a pretty autumn!!

  4. I can't imagine going straight to winter. We have though had a nice real fall this year. I love all of your pictures. Our work never really stops. We work harder in winter I think. Have a great weekend.


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