Sunday, November 17, 2019

After the harvest...

I'm afraid I don't have anything special to share.  My husband harvested two deer, so I spent today butchering.  Yesterday, I spent the whole day hunting.  I wish I had taken a photo of the two rainbows against a pink sky.  There was just a lot of deer movement, I was afraid a huge buck would go by while I was piddling around.  My monster did go by, but too quickly and too far away for an arrow.  He looked like a king surveying his territory.  I haven't shot a deer yet,  but what an amazing day.  
I am glad my husband was able to shoot two bucks, as we were out of venison.  Today I made chislick with the tenderloins.  Wow. Amazing.  Just roll tenderloin chunks in a mix of flour, seasoned salt, pepper, basil flakes, and oregano flakes.  Fry in butter.  They melted in our mouths.  It feels pretty good to eat what you have harvested.
Life is pretty good.   I may not have put any meat in the freezer yet, but I have enjoyed the sense of peace sitting in the woods watching the world go by.

What is your favorite way of eating venison?  Have you ever had venison?


  1. When the kids were home we ate lots of venison. When the boys killed a deer, they just couldn't wait for sloppy joes. I love being out in the woods for whatever the reason.

  2. I loved it fried, afterwards put it in a crock covered in gravy allowing it cook all day on low and served.


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