Sunday, November 3, 2019

Always moving forward...

Despite snow every other day, it was a great week.  I celebrated my birthday and we celebrated 25 years of marriage.  Life is good.

 My husband made our traditional birthday cake.  Chocolate cake with a raspberry jam filling.  He also smoked some steaks for the occasion.  I made homemade bread this week, along with cinnamon rolls.  I made cucumber and raspberry jelly.  Let's just say we ate well.  Winter is a time to fill the kitchen with comforting scents.  Today I made a wonderful bear roast.  It went great with with the homemade bread.
We spent a lot of time outdoors.  Shoveling, hunting, and running Ella.  I tried to get a quilting pattern and material, so I had something to do during these snowy evenings.  Everything had to be ordered.  I guess I'm in no hurry as it looks to be a long winter.  I found a very useful quilt planning checklist at .  It is great for figuring out how much material needed, a color scheme, and a timeline.

 Despite the fact our cabin seems to be in a snow zone, I love where we live.  It is a place of peace and quiet.  We are surrounded by woods and wildlife.
Ella is happy to sprint through the snow while I plod along in snowshoes.  

Many people say marriage is work.  I feel that ours is a vacation.  I am thankful for everything we have built together.  I look forward to what the next twenty-five will bring.


  1. I love to imagine the peace and quiet you must enjoy in your snowy woods. If I could only snowshoe in, I'd love to pop in for a piece of oh-so-delicious-looking birthday cake. (I had a birthday this week too!) And, those cinnamon about comforting scents!

  2. Happy birthday and happy anniversary! Bear is hubby's favorite (BBQ bear kabobs to be specific.) I'm not ready for real winter just yet, but I'm pretty sure those cinnamon rolls would help. They look delicious!

  3. Two occasions together. Sounds like it was a wonderful celebration of both!

  4. What a lovely post! I share that same sentiment. In fact most of the time I feel like we just got married and next year it will be 40 years, It just goes by way to fast I think. I love all of your yummy food you fixed. It sounds so peaceful. I love the idea of being in the snow and all of that quiet. I love that picture of your house and the roof with the melting snow. I am so glad you had such a nice birthday. Happy late birthday. Lovely cinnamon rolls too.

  5. Happy anniversary, Bonnie! Your cabin is adorable!

  6. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary too! That raspberry chocolate cake sounds delicious!!! I bet your cabin smelled wonderful, with all that baking. We heard the S word here in the forecast for next week, but we'll see...I personally hope they are very wrong!


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