Sunday, February 23, 2020


We went to our prairie property Saturday.  I cannot describe how amazing it was.  Our property had become a goose haven.  Wild Canadian geese were everywhere and our neighbors tame geese also came to the party.  There is no experience like being in the middle of a goose blizzard.  My pictures don't do the experience justice and honks were deafening.

We will always be grateful for days like this.   Amazing is the only way to describe it.  What was the last amazing experience you had?


  1. We get quite a few here too as well as turkeys. Hubby's high school mascot was actually the Honkers. 😄

  2. We visit a place called Clumber Park where there are hundreds of Canada and grey lag geese joined by swans, coots, ducks and sometimes cormorants. The human visitors are easily outnumbered. I think the most amazing bird spectacle that I have experienced is a starling murmuration.

  3. We have Canadian Geese here year round. OUr little grandson used to take such delight in going to the pond to watch them fly up from the water... honking all the while, of course! I love your header picture! Wow!

  4. Nature is awesome! I enjoyed my visit.


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