Monday, February 17, 2020

Lots to accomplish...

Quite a bit was accomplised this weekend.  We got plenty of exercise between shoveling, yoga, and snowshoeing.  Ella wasn't the only one tired out.  

I made this amazing peach cobbler.  There is nothing cozier than enjoying warm cobbler, with ice cream, in front of the fire, with big flakes of snow drifting down.  Heaven on earth.

I started cutting the flying geese border for my quilt. Since it

was all about feathers, I figured the flying goose was the best border to use. It's been awhile since I've done these blocks, so it took a bit to do the first ones.  Hopefully, I'll get faster.

Today was definitely a spa day.  I let my hair reenergize with honey/olive oil hot oil treatment.  I used the dry brush to exfoliate and increase circulation.  The lemon sugar scrub coupled with my homemade lemon lotion bars gave some much needed moisture to my skin.  The chamomile hair detangler helped me get a comb through my hair.  Finally, a long cold drink of refreshing raspberry/basil water.  It was better than going to the spa.
I did my monthly wine racking.  I bottled my Pearly Legal pear wine and bottled some Golly Gee Grape from the oak barrel. I have made 131 batches of wine.  I really enjoy making wine and cannot believe that it is so simple.

Ella and I sent a little message to my husband for Valentine's Day.  It was a beautiful day to be outside.  We're you able to accomplish much this weekend?  Did you have a good Valentine's Day?  I have been able to keep busy this winter.  Just three more months.  I hope your winter has been as productive.


  1. Love the snow message 😊💞❄️ I was going to share a gardening site (onions) I thought you might be interested in, but don't see a way to email you. If that's something you'd like, just hop over and email and I'll send you the link. I learned from it anyways 💐

  2. Ouch! Three more months of winter there? We have bulbs showing green stems here. No snow. Plants are confused by warming temperatures so early.

  3. The light was wonderful today and the sky seemed so big. We are getting just about ready to shove Ole Man Winter out of here! Oh, the peach cobbler looks so good! I may have to put that on Sunday's menu, when I usually make a special dessert! I also love the snow message! I'll bet your Valentine did too!

  4. That’s a very original Valentines greeting.


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