Sunday, March 8, 2020

Cookies and shoveling...

There isn't much one can do this time of the year.  The snow is too rotten to snowshoe.  I had to take Ella to town for our weekly jaunt.  I am still making flying geese blocks.  There are still 60 to go.  I finally broke down and ordered "Essays After Eighty" by Donald Hall.  Usually, my books come from the library, but this one was hard to find.  It is an enjoyable read.  Famous Amos cookies was the desert of choice this weekend.

 The cookies are super good especially when you take two and put ice cream in the middle.  You can do that when you have been shoveling for two weeks.  It did get to the 60's on Saturday, but rain/snow is forecasted.  Looks like more ice cream cookies for me.

 That's the weeks events.  I honestly think spring is almost worse than winter.  It is frustrating trying to keep up with Mother Nature's whims.  Are you a fan of spring?


  1. I am a fan of spring & fall especially. I am always looking forward to what may be popping up in the wee garden. Fluctuating temperatures, not so much a fan of that it's hard to know what to wear.

  2. Yesterday I cleaned out two flower beds, warm and beautiful. Now we are to expect snow - oy! Crazy weather. Your cookies sure look yummy though:-)


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