Sunday, March 15, 2020


This is always the hardest time of the year. Wet heavy snows and varying temperatures makes snowshoeing impossible.  Projects are all I have to stay busy.

 Tonight we had an icy fog.  The cabin looks cozy and inviting.
We have huge piles of snow everywhere.  Maybe we should make a snow fort.

 I have ten more big  blocks left to make into little flying geese.  I've set a goal to make five blocks a week.  I will be done at the end of March. In April, I will put it all together and quilt in May.  With all of this snow, I think quilting will be all I can do.  Since my quilt 'pattern' is really different patterns put together, I'm anxious to see how it all comes together.

I made beer bread tonight and will try making a cheese fondue tomorrow.  I've never made fondue before, so it will be a culinary adventure.
That is all that is happening here.   It is nice having a project.  I don't know what I would do otherwise.  Do you have green grass or snow?  Are you still finishing winter projects or starting spring ones?


  1. wow that is still alot of snow. Your beautiful cabin does look inviting, safe and warm.

  2. Projects starting here are just to stay busy what with everything shut down and social distancing the word of the day.

  3. That is a lot of snow! We had some tempting weather then it snowed again. By the end of this week it's supposed to be in the 50s. I planted thyme and lettuce in pots and brought them in the house, both sprouted. :-)

  4. Whoa. Snow. I hope spring shows her stuff soon in your neck of the woods. I think your quilt is going to be lovely!
    I'm sewing, too. Dresses for an Alice in Wonderland production. I don't sew that often so I'm not super excited about it, but that's okay.
    God bless you, Bonnie!

  5. we have green grass and it is suppose to be 70 in nj tomorrow, so we will get out!! i am knitting and crocheting, finishing knitting projects and i have started my garden indoors!!

    i made focaccia bread for the first time and it came out really good!! your quilt is beautiful!!!

    other than a ride in the car, we have been staying in but i am fine with staying home!!

    stay well and happy!!

  6. i forgot to say we have not have any snow this winter!!!


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