Friday, April 10, 2020

Finally gardening...

I was finally able to garden this week.  I had to chop ice to get into the greenhouse. to get into the greenhouse.  It was worth it.  

I planted my wash tubs with lettuce and spinach.  We are supposed to get a bunch of snow and cold weather, so I left it at that.

I also cleaned out my compost worm bin.  The little buggers worked hard this winter.  You can see the before and after above.  I will use the soil to enrich my planters.  The jars to the left are filled with liquid compost. I will add a  tad when I water my plants.  To add to my fertilizer stash  I have a five gallon pail in the greenhouse.   In it stews my fish fertilizer.  Thanks to the carp we caught fishing.  In about four weeks, it should give my beds a much needed boost.

The bee keeper tended to the hives this week.  He cleaned out all of the dead bees, gave them some more food, and gave them a deck to sun on.  Both hives were buzzing with activity during this warm spell.

I used this wonderful compact house plant kit my husband got me to clean up my numerous indoor plants. I love the kit.  It has everything I need.  The best project this week was planting my seeds.  I started two pallets with tomatoes, melons, leeks, broccoli, squash, peppers, along with the ever elusive egg plant and luffa.  The other pallet is full of flowers.  I'm trying delphiniums, fireweed, and columbines.

Easter is tomorrow.  I'm ready for the egg hunt.  We, of course, won't be going anywhere.  Even if we wanted to it is supposed to blizzard.  Maybe a foot of snow.  Oh goody.  Sorry I haven't been commenting lately and didn't post last week.  I've been having some technical difficulties.  I think I'm back on track and will spend this storm catching up on your posts.  Meanwhile, I hope you all have a safe, healthy, and happy Easter.


  1. Enjoyed my visit with you puttering around in the garden. You do have quite a a bit of snow, I almost missed the eggs sitting in the snow bank. Have a Happy Easter.

  2. It must be nice to putter around in the soil and plants this week. We had snow yesterday and it's still way too cold to think about planting, but I did order some seeds. I can't wait for when it's time! -Jenn

  3. More snow! Looks like in the interim between snows you've been busy.

  4. looks like perhaps it was good that you got some time in the greenhouse, i'm sure it felt good!! it is not really fair that you have received so much snow, we got zippo. at least i know where it all went!!

  5. How nice, too bad about the snow. I had to get outside last weekend before we had cold weather and snow too. It feels so nice to be able to do that too. Have a lovely Easter.

  6. I hope that you avoided the blizzard.


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