Sunday, July 26, 2020

Kitchen and Karma...

Things are starting to ripen.  I've been harvesting raspberries, service berries, currents, garlic, and carrots.  It was pretty cool today, so I made some lemon poppyseed and lemon almond biscotti.  While the biscotti was baking, I made a big batch of raspberry jam.  The raspberries have been plentiful this year.

This is the best carrots I've ever had.  I sliced them.  Melted some butter added parsley, basil, salt, pepper, Parmesan Cheese , and  minced garlic then stirred in the carrots.  We grilled them.  I think next time I will bake them at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.   They were a little crunchy.  I don't think the grill was hot enough.  They tasted great.
 My bird house was suddenly spackeled with yellow.  I wasn't sure what it was, so I tapped the birdhouse.  Lo and behold a honeybee flew out.  I'm sure it got kicked out of the hives due to sloppy housekeeping.

 I've been getting lots of herbs from the garden.  I'm also starting to get lots of tomatoes.  Even though the greenhouse got a late start, things are looking good. 
 Now comes the karma part of the story.  A friend of mine recently got some bad news.  I put together a spa box for her.  It included: a salt soak, bubble bath, sugar scrub, honey/coconut shaving butter, soap, a lavender sachet, and a hair towel.  I made everything with lavender scent.  The towel I got through Amazon.  I had fun spray painting jar lids and using my homemade paper for labels.

Here is where the karma comes in, when I went to mail her spa  box.  I received one.  My friend from Denmark sent the coolest Danish gift box.  Isn't the artwork beautiful?  It had tons, note cards, Christmas ornaments, and two notebooks.
That is all the excitement for this week.  Do you send gift boxes?  What do you put in them?  What are you harvesting in your garden?  


  1. The bees certainly seem ti be wasting lots of effort by not getting all their load into the box.

    What a nice surprise to receive an unexpected gift box.

  2. Wow how nice you did that and how nice your received a box too. I think all of your gardening is paying off and so is all of your baking. I love making jam so much. I made cases to take to my daughter in June. I filled her pantry. This house has a nice pantry for my canning, So I do send boxes. My next box I send will be baby clothes. Have a nice week. Your garden is just lovely.

  3. Your garden is really coming along! I've never done carrots like that one the barbecue (I have done potatoes and onions in foil, though). Your carrots are beautiful colours! I hope your friend is going to be ok. -Jenn

  4. Fun giving box and fun receiving box!

  5. I haven't sent a box in a long while ~ I will have to do that soon.
    Your greenhouse is adorable! My garden didn't do well this summer - we have had weeks and weeks of rain. Maybe next summer :)


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