Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sweet grass time...

We haven't had any rain for weeks and don't foresee any in the future.  The few flowers that are blooming are holding tough.

My vegetable garden is doing pretty good.  We've enjoyed asparagus, carrots, green beans, garlic, and a tiny little broccoli.  I'm looking forward to sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, squash, and maybe even some okra.

I went down to our pond to harvest the sweet grass.  Lo and behold.  I had some chokecherries.  That never happens.  Usually the birds enjoy them long before I have a chance to pick them.  I was happy with 13 sweet grass braids.  I don't think anything smells more like summer.
 It was a busy week.  I picked grapes with my friend, Michelle.  My husband's place of work honored his retirement with a nice get together.  I also spend a lot of time watering plants.

Are you getting any rain?  My heart goes out to It's all About Purple and a quiet life...  Fire has not been your friend.  Mother Nature is neither fair nor kind.  I wish everyone a cooler and wetter week.


  1. I don't know what sweet grass smells like. Must be nice though. we have had rain here so fire chances are low. I imagine there's that threat where you live.

  2. It seems to be permanently showery and drizzly here at the moment. All in all miserable weather

  3. I love when you harvest sweet grass. I would love to have a place to grow that. I love your yard and garden. How nice to have all of that growing.
    No, we have had no rain, just lots and lots of smoke and ash. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  4. Wow! 2 things, I've missed a lot. You found yourself quite the sweetgrass harvest, wonderful. And hubby is retiring? So does this mean no Christmas pizza :-) Your garden is so vibrant right now, what rich colors!

  5. Nice harvest, we are getting rain from (hurricane)Laura. It's been quite nice to have a steady gentle rain.

  6. Never seen sweet grass but just read a wonderful book braiding sweet grass, you might enjoy as a gardener.


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