Sunday, August 9, 2020

What do I know...

All week that Cedar Waxwing has been sitting in the top of a tree calling and calling.  I told my husband on Wednesday there was no way that Waxwing was going to find another Waxwing just sitting in the same tree calling every day.  An hour later, I noticed there seemed to be more calls than normal.  I grabbed the binoculars and what do I know.  There sat two Waxwings calling to the world.  I guess it is true there is somebody out there for everyone if you wait long enough.  

We had a wonderful day on Sunday.  We did some prairie dog hunting and then went fishing.  I caught a bass and my husband caught some perfectly sized catfish.  Then I went and picked some wild grapes.  We came home and fried up some delicious catfish for lunch.  Life is good.
I've been busy in the garden.  The strawberry spinach is producing berries like crazy.  I am not sure what I am going to do with all the berries.  I just keep putting them in the freezer.  I've also been picking and freezing the borage flowers.  I am going to try making a wine out of them.  I have to be careful picking them.  Sooner or later I'm going to grab one that has a bee on it.  

My peaches and cream hollyhocks are blooming like crazy.  I love watching the bees wander in and out of the blooms.  I would guess it is like a flowery maze to them.  I would love to be covered in a blanket of hollyhock petals.

It has been a fabulous week.  We are hunkered down trying to pretend the Sturgis Rally isn't happening.  Unfortunately, you can hear the roar of motorcycles even up here.  I went to the grocery store and every local had a mask on.  Not one biker wore a mask.  I will admit I am hoping for rain every night.  Maybe even a little hail.  Sorry, but it is true.  

Is there some local event that puts you up a wall?  Have you ever tried strawberry spinach?  Here is a long shot.  Has anyone ever had borage wine?  If so could you send me a recipe.  Here is hoping you have a wonderful week (without motorcycles). 


  1. You know I was wondering about you and all of those motorcycles. I wondered if they bothered you. I think it would drive me nuts. That was one of the things that made me want to move. Because the road they put in was so much fun to drive on, we had so much motorcycle traffic. I would be out at the mailbox and those things would roar by and I would almost jump out of my skin. I feel for you. Nope, never made borage wine but I bet it would be good. I have seen strawberry spinach, but have never eaten it. I hope everything gets back to normal soon. Have a wonderful week.

  2. you certainly have a green thumb and a bounty of garden beauties!! the peaches and cream hollyhocks are gorgeous, they have been named well!!

    i am glad the waxwing found a friend, perhaps more will be drawn to the call!!

    sturgis...oh, i remember hearing about that!! i would not want to live anywhere close to that festival. i watched it once on tv, the people that attend that are extremely crude, i can't believe they still have it!! i would hope for rain, hail, snow and sleet...all at the same time!!! and by not wearing masks, they really show their moral fiber!!!

    i have never made wine, google it, i'm sure you will find something good!!

    many thanks for your kind words on my recent post, i am ready to say good-bye to 2020!!!

  3. As you know we are now in NH. Daughter informed us that next week end is biker weekend in Laconia, NH. It's on the other side of the state but still ;ots of motorcycles on the road already as people head here to vacation before the event.
    Never heard of spinach strawberries.


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