Sunday, November 1, 2020


We had company last week, thus I didn't have time to post.  A friend came out to deer hunt. I did manage to get a few projects done.

I completed the top of my quilt.  Of course I made a mistake that had to be fixed.  Can you see it?  I'm pretty happy that all of my measurements came out correctly.  The design is my own and I learned after last year's quilt that make it up as you go isn't the best mantra.
My husband made a phenomenal meal for our anniversary.  We enjoyed it with some homemade Dandelion Wine.
I'm still trying recipes from the family cookbook.  A neighbor submitted her popcorn ball recipe.  Of course, I had to make sure it is good and it is excellent.
My loofa was ready to be peeked and bleached.  It has taken four years to get a loofa.  It turned out pretty nice.
Our guest shot a nice buck out at our prairie property.  He was pretty happy with the number of deer he saw.  
I'm almost done with the family cookbook.  I have really enjoyed looking at pictures and trying recipes. I've also learned where some family recipes originated.  I'm a believer that nothing brings people together like food, wether it is cooking it or eating it.

It is amazing how many things there are to do.  Do you have family recipes that have been passed down? Have you ever grown a loofa?  I hope you are keeping busy.


  1. No loofa growing here. The pie crust recipe I use is one from my grandmother. My daughters use it too.

  2. the meal that your hubby prepared looks so good, 3 chickens, that's a lot of food!! i hope there were some mashed potatoes, i can't eat roasted chicken without potatoes!!

    i am keeping very busy, but have never grown a loofa. the quilt looks great, i did not see any mistakes!!

    and food, one of the best ways to show and share your love. i don't have many family recipes, the ones i do have i cherish!!

  3. Busy - oh yes! Your leaf pointing out. In some cultures, every quilt needs an error to let the evil spirits out :-) I am a firm believer in this also (heehee.) Food is a good thing that indeed brings us together~

  4. Oh goodness yes, tons of luffa gourds. They are so nice to have around.
    Yes, keeping busy. I love seeing your pictures. I like your quilt.
    Have a lovely week.

  5. I hope that you didn’t drink all that wine.

  6. Great job on the quilt. I don't see a mistake. How nice that your family cookbook is almost finished. It surely would make a great Christmas present for those in your family. The chickens look browned to perfection!

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