Sunday, November 15, 2020


 I'm afraid I am too tired to post much.  Both my husband and I got a deer yesterday.  I was determined to have them both butchered by the end of the day.  Ten pounds of summer sausage, ten pounds of jerky, 7 pints of stew meat, and twenty one pounds of roasts later I'm done.  All that is left is to dehydrate the jerky and roast the summer sausage.  I almost forgot, while I was butchering I also rendered the bear fat Kelly's friend brought me.  I just put it in a pot on the stove and cooked it on low until I had 2 quarts.  If you are wondering about my hunt it was cold and relatively fast.  I was just focused on meat and breaking my 3 year curse.  It has been three years since I got a deer.  I'm always waiting for something better and end up with tag soup.  With the unreliability of 2020, I decided stocking our reserves was of utmost importance.

Rendered bear fat also known as baking gold in my book.
Summer sausage and jerky are curing until tomorrow.  

Now a long hot bath, otherwise I don't think I will be able to move tomorrow.  Have you ever butchered anything?  I would love to try butchering a pig sometime.  What do you do with the meat?  Hope you have a fabulous week.


  1. My son and his wife. Hollar Homestead on youtube, are doing just that. They are wanting to be completely food independent. He just did a hog a couple weeks ago. They are keeping their freezers nice and full. My daughter in law renders all of her own lard and she says the same thing, its just gold. Its been years since I did anything like that. We still do jerky and stuff like that, I have been getting my food stores stocked up too.
    I bet you were tired and I am so glad you got your deer.

  2. Wow, Bonnie! That's amazing! I hope you weren't too sore afterwards.


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