Sunday, December 6, 2020

Christmas present...

 My husband has been giving me a Christmas present every weekend.  You may ask yourself how do I rate?  My Christmas wish this year was to get my sewing nook the way I want it.  My husband rose to the challenge.  

My first present came last weekend.  It was the shelf under the window.  This is for my crafting supplies.  On top is my little ironing board.  If you are wondering why it is so short, it is so the desk drawer opens.
This weekend he made a shelf for above my sewing machine. It will hold sewing supplies and books.  My favorite part is we put an LED light under the shelves.  It makes all the difference.  Other than the window, a tiny lamp, and sewing machine light, there was no light in the nook.  When the sun went down, I had to stop what I was doing.

We have two more storage shelves to go.  Here is where we are.  I am waiting for a Murphy desk that folds down.  This will be for drawing, material cutting, and bills.  Then once that is up one more shelf.  The final step will be to alter the desk so the sewing machine is flush with the desk top.

The weather has been amazing.  We took Ella for a run today and hardly needed our coats.  We had two feet of snow this time last year.

I am thankful for a warmer than normal winter.  That brings my week to a close.  Have you done any renovations lately?  What does your project workspace look like?  Hope everyone has a fabulous week.


  1. A job well done. We are doing a bit of decorating but nothing as ambitious as your project.

  2. I love that picture of the sunset through the trees. Your work area is just awesome. I love how everything just fits.
    We have been putting up those LED lights too, and I just love them.
    We have been mainly in fixing mode. Still. Its getting better.
    I hope you have a wonderful week, and I am glad you aren't snowed in yet.

  3. AND you sew! Do you change oil as well? Let us know how to get a cookbook when you get them done, if you are going to sell them. Thanks.


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