Sunday, December 13, 2020


 This weekend's addition to the sewing nook was a Murphy desk.  I love it.  

Here it is.  There is a chalkboard in front. This will be great when I'm figuring measurements.

It folds down and provides a wonderful work space.  The tabletop is the perfect size for cutting material. It was also easier to iron larger pieces of fabric.  

Inside there are lots of nooks and crannies to store things.  I know things still look a little cluttered. I'm working on it.  I spent several days ironing and folding my fabric stash.  I am almost done.  Now it will be where I can see it for inspiration.  

Things are looking up at work.  We finally get to reopen our campus.  This week we get some of my students that had nowhere to go for Christmas 🎄.  We are overjoyed.  It has been the longest nine months of my life.  

It was a beautiful sunset tonight.  As Ella and I went for our Sunday walk, a flock of geese flew over our cabin with it's Chrismas light blinking.  The sky was fuscia and a brilliant blue.  I wasn't fast enough with my camera.  Guess I'll have to hold that picture in my mind.

Is there a picture you hold in your memory?  Hope everyone is making progress with their Christmas lists.


  1. What a great Christmas present! Your sewing nook is going to be a wonderful place to work. You have planned it out perfectly.

  2. I like the idea of the folding desk!

  3. Never heard of a Murphy desk but looks like it's a winner. Good news about your school. How many students will you be hosting there at your place?

  4. I love your sewing nook! What a grand place. So is the desk. I am so glad you get to go back to school. I think here that for awhile kids went back, now they are not. Its crazy. I hope you have a wonderful week.


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