Sunday, February 7, 2021

Hunkered down...

 It was a whopping 1 degree today.  We were ready for the big chill.  I got my husband a bunch of books from the library and my quilt project was calling.  We had chocolate waffles for breakfast.  Even better with hot coffee and vanilla peach syrup. 


I'm pleased with my quilting progress.  I wanted the leaves to be random, but I am not that good at machine free-motion quilting yet.  It is a lot of work.  I am becoming more confident.  This is going to be one of my favorite quilts.

I also racked my wine.  The three gallons of grape and 1 1/2 gallons of raspberry were ready to bottle.  One day a month I rack and bottle my wines.  It always amazes me how my little kit years ago has turned into a pretty steady hobby.  I have made 147 batches of wine.  Every month I make a new batch and bottle a batch.  My husband got me a little keg a few years ago for my grape wine. Today I filled it to the top.  The oak gives the wine a deeper flavor.

We had a few small snows.  Just enough to keep us shoveling.  Despite the frigid temperature Ella and I went for our weekly jaunt.  As the saying goes, "there is no bad weather, just bad clothes."  I dressed warm and the trip was refreshing.  We were super careful, as the last few days we have had a mountain lion wandering around.

The lion's tracks have been sticking close to the house.  It was here about the same time last year and likes to go under our deck then up our sidewalk.  Ella has become wise to lion watch.  When she goes on the porch she gruffly barks both ways.  Then she goes to the end of the sidewalk and barks both ways.  Then she checks to make sure we are behind her before she goes to do her business.

Despite the cold temperatures it was a good weekend.  It sounds like we will have a few more like it.  How is the weather where you are?  What are you doing to stay busy?


  1. I'm always impressed with your wine making abilities. I don't know what it means to "rack your wine", though. I think I'd be checking things out if a mountain lion was hanging out under my porch, too! -Jenn

  2. You are so multi-talented.
    Does the mountain lion make any noise? Growl? Whine?
    You asked about our snow and whether it was a lot for us. If we were still in Maryland the answer would be yes, but living in New Hampshire since July this is what we can expect. We have snow on the ground and more to come tomorrow. Today is beautiful clear day but cold.

  3. Your wine making is very professional. That’s a pretty close encounter with a mountain lion, I’m glad Ella is lion savvy.

  4. It’s been warm-ish here but snow expected to start Thursday and continue as far as the forecast goes.
    Cougar are not good house-guests! Glad Ella is on the lookout with you.

  5. You seem to have everything under control as you hunker down....except for that mountain lion that takes refuge there! Ella is a wise dog!

  6. i love the snow and don't mind the cold temperatures! i like to hunker down especially being prepared!!

    1. and lion tracks, that close to home...doesn't that scare you?!?!

  7. I love the snow. I wish I could hunker down, but alas I think our winter is over now. It has been so spring like and the pear trees have already bloomed. I love seeing all of your hobbies. Your quilting is awesome.
    So is your wine making. I bet it is wonderful in that oak barrel.
    I am working on rugs and such. My husband built a Pergola last Sunday. I will do pictures of it on my next blog. Have a wonderful week. In the land of freedom. We still can't go to the library when we want.I got such a pang in my heart when I read you had got books for your husband.


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