Sunday, January 31, 2021

Thread and ropes...

 I set my machine up for quilting, made a plan, and began my first official free motion quilt.  

I wanted to quilt aspen leaves, so I found a few outside.  I traced them onto some old labels. It works perfectly.  I just stick them on and quilt around them.

I'm very happy with the results.  I think it should go well.  Quilting is my favorite part of the whole project.  It is soothing to just focus on each stitch.  

Today I went to the Rapid City Stock Show to watch my niece team rope.  The steers were fast and she missed. It was an honor to be there as only the fastest high school rodeo times got to go.  It was good seeing the older two nieces.  They grow up so fast.

I'm afraid that is the extent of my adventures.  How have you been occupying your winter time?  


  1. Your adventures have been good ones ~ quilting, family, and rodeos. How good is that! I love your free motion quilting!

  2. You are still allowed big events? No gatherings allowed here.

  3. How fun getting to go to a stock show. I loved this time of year when I was a teenager. I love doing that.
    Your quilt is so nice. What a great idea for tracing a pattern on your fabric. I always thought the quilting part was the best.
    Have a lovely week.

  4. that is a wonderful idea for a quilt, it looks as though it will work out well!!

    i have kept busy with craft projects, knitting, cooking and baking!! it's good you were able to get out, all events in this area have been cancelled!!


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