Sunday, July 18, 2021

We interrupt this summer for berry picking and friends...

I have been picking berries every night.  There are Juneberries, raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries, cherries, and currents.  I can't keep up.

 This is one of the many paths my husband made for me.  They are great for accessing the plethora of wild berries we have this year.
I have also had a packed weekend with friends.  My friend from college is back in the area and it has been our tradition to go to the Festival in the Park.  Then a good friend dropped by and we toured the gardens, sipped lemonade, and relaxed on the porch.  Later this week Bob and Phyllis are coming out with their daughter on Tuesday.  Life is just better on the porch in the summer.  

 I apologize for not visiting other blogs lately.  I don't intend to spend my days berry picking, but I see one little berry and before I know it I'm wandering off into the woods with a pail.   I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer.


  1. Berry picking is very time consuming even when the berries are on your own plot!

  2. Such fun you are having there. Blueberries are ripe in the area and my neighbor has a field of them open for picking. I must get there soon.

  3. That’s a great porch- perfect for relaxing with friends! I love your paths, especially if they lead to more luscious berries.

  4. do not apologize, that's what summers are for!! the berries look amazing!!

  5. No apologies ~ real life hugs and laughter are the best. Enjoy that porch!


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