Monday, September 6, 2021

Garden bed makeover...

 My Red/Yellow bed did terrible this year. Only the daffodils put on a show.  Nothing else gave much effort into blooming.  The problem is the soil is a heavy clay.  About every five years I have to dig everything up, chip off the clay that has smothered the roots, and add soil amendments.

The name of the game is to work slowly, because the bed is riddled with bulbs.  I cleared everything out.  Then added 6 bags of Miracle Grow topsoil for flower beds (on sale 75 percent off), a wheelbarrow of compost, and mixed it thoroughly. 

 I laid out all of the plants and bulbs on the cardboard as I moved along.  Then I dug a trench in the center and replanted my daffodils.  Everything else was replaced minus the grass, insanely aggressive columbines, and moss.  I over seeded with black eyed Susan seeds.  A good watering and we will see how things go next year.  All I need now is a little mulch (hopefully also on sale).

It was a good project to get done.  This is one of my favorites beds and it was very disappointing this year.

Do you have a flower beds that need TLC?


  1. All my flower beds need TLC since they are in the infant stage all over. I think my plans will work out. Stop by three years from now to see. LOL

  2. We do have a flower bed that needs some TLC which is earmarked for renovation next year. Two were done this year and turned out great. A third was sorted out the yet before. It seems there is always one area that needs attention.

  3. Ha! Do I have beds that need tlc? Aren't you the funny one. I spent yesterday pulling a mountain of weeds from on of the front side beds. My goal was to do the other side today, but Hubby came home from hunting yesterday (a day early) so I didn't get that done today. Your flowers are always so pretty. Sorry there wasn't a great show for you this year. It will give you something to look forward to next year.

  4. Hi Bonnie! Yes, I have lots of clay, too. We keep adding to it, but I never thought about it choking off the roots of the plants.
    Thank you!

  5. all of my beds need tlc, i was not able to do anything this past summer. the hubs did keep up with watering the vegetable garden. it is in 2 big, raised beds!!

    what a gorgeous rainbow!!


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