Sunday, September 26, 2021

An apple a day...

 I'm still working on the apples.  This weekend I made canned apple cider and a batch of hard apple cider.

I also cleaned out my outside garden.  I pulled up the beans, broccoli, corn, and pumpkins.  

They aren't the biggest pumpkins, but they sure are cute.  My flowers are still blooming.

The turkeys wander through our yard twice a day.  They keep the crabapples cleaned up.  Quite a few poults made it this year. 

The colors are fabulous.  Going for a walk feels like you are wandering through watercolors.  

My posts may be a little sporadic in October.  I have an elk tag and will devote my time to hunting.  I will try to keep you updated.  I always end up with photos of the beautiful things I see in the woods.

I hope everyone is enjoying your fall.  I can't wait to peruse your blogs and see the colors.


  1. Small pumpkins are much more usable.

  2. it's such a lovely time of year!! you have been busy and your flowers are beautiful!! the pumpkins look great, they have nice shape!!

  3. Your last photo is lovely and looks like a postcard! All of your photos are so pretty. I love small pumpkins and your apple cider looks wonderful. Such pretty blossoms. We have wild turkey once in a while visit our yard. I love to watch them


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