Sunday, October 10, 2021


 My elk hunt was done much faster than I anticipated.  It was a 3 day  adventure.  

I didn't shoot a monster, though my husband and I were almost run over by one.  We saw lots of bulls.  The highlight was seeing two bulls in the trees.  My husband cow called and one turned and ran straight at us.  He was absolutely huge, but I had no shot.  I thought he was going to run us down.  He came at us with a full bore charge.  At the last minute, he veered off and disappeared into the dark timber without a sound.

A few days later I called in a decent 6x6.  He wasn't all rutted up, so his meat is delicious.  I have been butchering for four days.  My husband smoked a tenderloin.  It melted in your mouth and was so flavorful.  

I've sealed and frozen countless roasts, canned stew meat, elk stew, stuffed summer sausage, sausage, and maple breakfast sausage.  There is still jerky to make.  Ella, of course, got a bone.

My 'vacation' has been exhausting.  Not only do I have a giant elk to contend with, but my apple tree has added to the fray.  We were supposed to get moisture and here you never know if that means a wet heavy snow.
As you can see, the branches were loaded despite the fact we had already picked a bushel.  I was afraid it would snow and break the branches, so we picked the rest.

I'm giving apples to everyone I see.  The bee keeper just left with a bag full.  It was a good exchange, as he brought honey from our hives.  He said they didn't do very well this year.

I made some pumpkin biscotti to celebrate our harvest and enjoy with coffee on the porch. 

I love autumn.  The feeling of preparing to settle in for the winter.  We are getting close to the end.  I have one more batch of tomatoes from the greenhouse and some banana peppers.   If I have enough jars some jelly, jam, and preserves as I still have berries in the freezer.  

Are you ready for winter?  What was your favorite harvest this year?


  1. oh man, i could never compete with this. my favorite tomatoes. i don't can, i roasted them and froze them in individual serving size bags. i don't have much else, i have to check my garlic, i am not very hopeful!!!

    your autumn is looking pretty!!

  2. Wow!! That is just amazing! All that glorious meat. Your apples are amazing. What a haul. Our son that we just visited was waiting for deer season. It started the week we left. My grandsons, 15,11,9 work in a butcher shop that does deer for hunters. They package and prepare the meat. They make lots of money doing that for a man who has that business.
    When we were there we picked apples too, but none look as pretty as your apples.
    It makes me happy to see all of the work you have accomplished. You are ready for winter now. :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Scary to be charged at by a large elk.

  4. I'd say your larder is well stocked for the winter and some other winters to come. You do have some adventures there where you live.


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