Sunday, December 5, 2021

Oh deer...

 Hunting is over so I've switched to a camera and have had pretty good luck.  Here are a few local beauties.

Above, this guy's ear is all mashed, so we call him Holyfield.  After the Tyson) Holyfield fight, where Tyson bit off Holyfield's ear.   

They have really been fighting.  Most have broken tines and a few have even broken off the whole antler.  

My Christmas present shipped quicker than expected and was difficult to hide, so it was an early Christmas for me.  Not only that, but we got some snow. 

A new bumper for my Jeep.  Thank goodness for YouTube videos.  I never would have figured out how to get the old bumper off otherwise.  Most women want clothes and jewelry.  Give me Jeep parts any day and let me put them on.  My husband did have to help undo the factory bumper bolts.  I gave it every once of my strength and they wouldn't budge.  I feel better with this bumper as there are a lot of deer around here.  I had this type of bumper on my old Jeep and it held up good.

I took this photo bow hunting last week.  I love sunrises and sunsets.  The colors are always so intense.  Do you have a lot of deer where you live?  Where do you see them most often on the road or in the yard?


  1. I love your new bumper! I am a Jeepster too, and don't even own a car. We have lots of deer ~ in the fields and on the highways, where we have to be especially careful after dark. YOu have captured some real trophies here. As we always say, "They will be nice ones next year."

  2. No deer in the yard, but many deer in the area. I'm always very cautious driving at dusk. We've been very fortunate that no one in our family has had a deer accident on the road. When husband and I travelled "out east", we saw some moose. Awesome. -Jenn

  3. We don't see deers near to us only in deer parks really.

  4. What a lovely jeep!! That is how I felt when I got my four-wheel drive to pull a travel trailer.
    No, we don't have deer here. That is one of the reasons my son and his family moved to N.C. was so he could hunt. It is over hunted her I think.
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. In Maryland when we lived in the woods there were too many deer. Here in NH we rarely see them. Pouring rain here now as I write this. Snow in forecast for Wednesday.

  6. Haha, I can related! I Love "give me a jeep part", that sounds like me.

  7. Wow, those are some nice bucks! And Merry Christmas. I'm hoping to start getting my bronco restored this winter. It is fun when it's a rig you like :-)

  8. i am the same!! i don't want jewelry or fancy clothes, or god forbid anything for the house. we actually never buy presents for each other. when we need something, we just buy it!!


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