Sunday, November 28, 2021

Now I watch and wait...

 My red yellow flower bed was abysmal this year.  It used to be one of my more exciting beds.  Then slugs ate my lupins.  My black eyed Susans didn't reseed.  Grass and moss choked out my painted daisies.  It's only the daffodils that gave a show.

That was it for the whole year.  Pretty, but a one shot wonder.  Drastic measures had to be taken.  First, I pulled everything up.  I got rid of the grass, moss, and creeping Charlie.  I added compost and soil.

Step two, I ordered some more Lupins, bleeding hearts, and seeded it with red hollyhocks and black eyed Susans.

Finally, my tulips arrived.    They sure made a trip.  They went from Pennsylvania to Minnesota to Rapid City (an hour from here).  Then they went to Ohio, Kansas, Colorado, Ohio, and Kansas.  I figured they were lost for ever.  When lo and behold...

My husband sent me a text at work.  They finally came.  So you know what I did this weekend.

Now is watch and wait...


  1. That's a lot of work! Ha, your bulbs went on a little vacation before coming home for winter :-) Will be fun in spring - more to look forward to as the snow melts. Have you seen snow yet?

  2. We had about 18 inches of snow October 12. After that it has been a skiff here and there.

  3. i love the picture of you working in your garden!! our bulbs have arrived, but the hubs has not planted them yet!!

    18" of snow, wow...we have not had any yet!!

  4. You're brave to plant tulips in the woods. I'd be afraid that critters would dig them up to eat.


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