Sunday, February 13, 2022

Second verse same as the first...

I tried again and now I'm done.  I really wanted homemade licorice.  This time I had all of the correct ingredients and gave it another go.

I didn't use black food coloring, so it doesn't look very licorice like.  It doesn't taste very licorice like either.  I'm done.  It was a different recipe, but same results.  I even used extra ainse to no avail.  Live and learn.  Leave licorice to the professionals.

Other than that it was a quiet weekend.  I met a friend for hot yoga.  I really enjoy yoga and have been diligent for over a year.  My reward is to go to an actual hot yoga class.  

After class we enjoyed a cup of coffee and a visit.  I know, hot yoga hot coffee?  It is winter.
Maybe I'll have something interesting next week. We got a bunch of snow and I planned to go sledding today but the road melted off.  That is NOT a complaint.

Are you also struggling with winter doldrums?  Any advice?


  1. We worked in the yard today it was so nice (very weird for Feb!) Too bad about the licorice. I was ready for some good yummy stuff. The only thing I know as far as doldrums is the natural light light bulbs help with SAD.

  2. Your skies are wonderful. What colors there are. Aw too bad, I was hoping it would turn out and be the best you ever tasted. We hit 90 on Saturday.
    No, I am not ready for warm or spring for that matter.
    I want just a bit more winter. All of the pear trees are in full bloom.
    Though, I admit to being outside more than I was inside. I hope you have a lovely week.

  3. this was great!! i have never made licorice, but i am fine with what they sell in stores. sometimes store bought is better!! the skies are gorgeous, winter has been providing some beautiful skies!!

  4. I looked up a recipe and was surprised to note that there was no liquorice in the lost of ingredients.


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