Sunday, May 15, 2022

Bird is the word...

Today was birdwatching bliss.  I had several visitors beyond the normal chickadees and nuthatches.  

A spotted towhee scratching his way through the understory.

The blue jay seems to know when I fill the feeders. 
This crow has been hanging out for a month. I call him Berserker, as he is very gruff.
I am intrigued with the eye color of the towhee.
This black headed grosbeak comes back every year with his mate.
Juncos are here year around, but it was a pretty picture and I wanted to share it.
The turkeys enjoy cleaning up dropped seeds.  Unfortunately, they also enjoy snapping the heads off of my tulips.
One of my favorite birds is the chipping sparrow.  They are always so chipper.
This isn't the best photo of a house finch, but I had to fit him in as he wandered by.
Everyone working to clean up the seeds under the feeder.  
A cowbird couple always swing by in the spring.  Here is the female.  I have yet to see the male. 

 That was my evening of birdwatching.  It is always interesting in the sprig to see who swings by.  


  1. It's amazing how very different your birds are to ours, Lovely photos/

  2. What an assortment. For us it's mostly robins. We do see the hummingbirds now that I put up the feeder. We sit on our deck and watch their antics trying to keep one or another away from the feeder. Only once have we seen a male and female partake at the same time.

  3. Your birdwatching is such a treat. We have a pair of hawks nesting next door and its really hard on the local bird population. I wondered if you did your bird count this year. You captured really nice photos.

  4. Love seeing all the birds that visit you land. So nice!


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