Sunday, May 22, 2022

The weather outside is frightful...

We have had a glut of squirrels lately.  Ella tries to scare them away, but as you can see she isn't always successful.

I got a few flowers for my planters.  These violas looks so cheerful.

 I needed something cheerful, as snow was around the corner.  Temperatures dipped below freezing and we got about an inch of snow.  

The Tomato Taj Mahal kept the seedlings safe.  In fact, I think my lettuce grew.

I actually didn't mind the weather as it forced me to finish my nephew's quilt.  It turned out ok, but I really need to come up with a better system when I don't follow a pattern.  Going rouge is difficult.  The blocks didn't work out size wise.
I'm happy to have it done.  I hope he likes it.  

Did anyone else get snow this weekend?  Any projects finished? I'm hoping that was the end of snow for the year.  


  1. Aw I hope this is your last snow. I am so glad you have that green house. Your quilt turned out nice. I am sure your nephew will just love it I am sure. I hope you have a great week.

  2. No snow here thankfully. We had heat off and on until a system came through last night bringing cooling 60ºs. And I think you meant "rogue" not "rouge" in describing your quilt method. LOL

  3. Oh no you certainly get more than your fair share of snow.

  4. Testing~ I think I fixed it. Love the quilt 💕


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