Sunday, July 3, 2022

Ahhh... Summer!

 Sorry I have been AWOL.  June was a busy month.  My husband and I took a week and made the family tour.  We made a big loop to Minnesota and back.  Thankfully, we were able to see everyone both from my family and my husband's family.

This included a good visit with my 98 year-old grandmother.  She passed away a week later.  She will be greatly missed!  I am so thankful we had a chance for one last visit.  She was a ranch wife, baker, painter, historian, and author.  She did this painting of an old wagon on my parent's ranch.  Her book was about growing up during the Depression.  She was also my inspiration to create a family cookbook.

I remember playing on those wagons pretending to cross the prairie.  Grandmother's stories and wisdom is a great loss for our family.  

It was good to see family and I am afraid it may be awhile before we are all together again.  Still, it is good to be home.  Spring and summer is fleeting where we live and I hate missing such precious time.

We have had quite a bit of rain and the gardens look pretty good.  This is despite being neglected and visited by deer while we were gone.
Last year, my loving husband had a frog pond dug for me.  We used to have tons of tree frogs, but 'improvements' to the road by people who don't live here ruined their habit.  Well, lo and behold I have tadpoles.  No idea yet if they are tree or leopard frogs, but they are growing fast.
I am looking out for them and will keep you apprised of their progress.
Well, that was my June in a nutshell.  I am hoping July will go a little slower.  I wish everyone a fabulous summer.  I ask that you take a minute and call or visit those you love.  It is time spent you will never regret.


  1. So sorry about your grandmother, she sounds like a very talented lady. Glad that you managed a visit. Good luck with the frogs and could you please send us some rain.

  2. Your grandmother sounds like a remarkable woman! Did anyone write down her memories? Or was that part of her writing as an author? Let us know what those tadpoles turn into! -Jenn

  3. Like grandmother, like granddaughter I am sure. I love that rainy day picture. My gardens watch anxiously for me to come with the garden hose. We shall be beginning the rain dances soon. And, yay for the tadpoles!

  4. I love seeing the rain you caught in your pictures. Its so lovely to see how pretty it is there in June. I am so sorry about the loss of your grandmother, so nice you got to visit family. June was busy, but July is starting off here to be busier than June so far. I hope you do get tree frogs back.

  5. I know you've written about your grandmother before. I imagine her condition was what prompted your trip and just in time to make more memories with her.
    Tadpoles! What fun. You'll soon find out what they are.

  6. your home looks so pretty, without snow and outlined with those pretty lights. it sounds like you enjoyed your time away, there is nothing quite like time with family!!

    the flowers are gorgeous!! and i LOVED the rain!!

    i'm sure you will miss your grandmother but 98, what a nice, long, wonderful life!!


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