Sunday, July 31, 2022

We survived...

 We survived another week with Aunt Bonnie.   The annual tradition continues.  A culmination of the weeks events was a 7 mile hike up Black Elk Peak.  There was some grumbles, but I ignored them and the endeavor was exhausting but successful.  The picture below is the before photo.  Seven miles later nobody wanted to take a picture.  We were too busy partaking in our perfectly prepared picnic.

The view from the top was amazing, but somehow I didn't get a photo.  It was a perfect day for a hike as it was in the 70's with a nice breeze.
As always there were projects and baking.  We made pies, cookies, peanut butter bars, and (of course) jello for the post hike picnic.
Despite three people in my little cabin kitchen, there were no major mishaps.  We did run out of peanut butter, but managed to improvise.

The weather was cool, but magically warmed up prior to putting the floats in the water.  Somehow we only managed to get three in the Jeep.   We must be slipping, because one year we were able to load 5 inflated floats  and five of us.
The photo below is the girls in back of the Jeep.  A tad crowded.
It was the week of the Days of '76 Rodeo.  The ladies are all barrel racers, so we went and watched the barrel racing slack.  Then played tourist in Deadwood.

We may have taught the girls how to play poker in an effort to keep the evenings lively.  I have to say they caught on quick.

It was another successful week.  I always worry the older ladies will get sick of our tradition, but much to my surprise they are still game.  

Do you have any family traditions? I would love to hear about them.  


  1. They look to have had plenty of fun except maybe for the 7 mike hike,

  2. I think it is so nice that you do that for your nieces. They have grown up! My goodness what a beautiful bunch and what a lovely time it looks like you had. All fun to me. Its fun to read about your days. Not to mention your baking. I think that with our grand daughters, baking day is the tradition, but this year we added sewing day. Which they enjoyed it might become a tradition too.

  3. What are their ages? They have grown up fast. Tradition here is a week long gathering of family at an Air BnB. This year on Lake Ontario in NY State.


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