Sunday, September 25, 2022

The great pumpkin...

Fall is here.  The air has a chill, the leaves are turning, and harvesting is in full swing.  I am getting the itch to bake.  Last week it was peach cobbler.  This week it is peach strudel muffins and trail bread.

My husband actually got a trophy for our great pumpkin competition.  The picture didn't turn out the best.  It reads "The Great Pumpkin Champion."

This is my husband's leading contender.  I am withholding a picture of mine until the official weigh in.  Mainly because it wandered off into the woods and I can't get a good photo of it.  Stay tuned.
I am saving flower seeds.  The hollyhocks and delphiniums were prolific this year.

I met my good friend, Jody, yesterday and we went shopping for quilting material.  She has an amazing sense for colors and I appreciated her help immensely.  

We are still elk hunting.  As always the things you experience are so amazing.  The sunrises have been breathtaking.

That is all I have of interest.  Have you been baking?  Do you save your seeds?  If so which ones?


  1. I need to lay off the bake goods! I'm up three pounds after our trip to Montreal and a birthday celebration last night with an ice cream cake for granddaughter who turns 6 today.

  2. I love your sunrise pictures. What a wonderful time of day to be out with nature. Quilting material means days spent inside by a warm fire, and that time is almost here. Good luck with your hunting!


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