Sunday, September 4, 2022

Things have picked up...

My last post was about the summer lull.  Well, things picked up.  This weekend we have been elk hunting in the morning and demolishing our deck.  It was a hairy endeavor.  Our deck was a last minute project done in a day on the last day of our cabin build.  They didn't put concrete footings in so the deck was precarious to say the least.  We found someone to rebuild, so we just had to remove the old deck.

It started out simple enough  removing the floorboards.  Then as the floorboards disappeared so did my workspace.  The three I'm sitting on are not nailed down.  Yikes.
After that was the frame.  No pictures as that was an all hands on deck (pardon the pun).  We used a chainsaw to cut the cross beams.  Then attached a strap and I pulled the frame over as my husband cut it loose.  We were pretty nervous, but it went over without a hitch.  All that is left is the cleanup.
My bird feeders were on the deck, so the whole time we had confused birds circling us and trying to land on our heads.
The week prior I didn't post because my brother-in-law and his wife were visiting.  We went to Kool Deadwood Nights.  A classic car show.  It is one of my favorite events.

We haven't had any rain.  It is very hot and dry.  My flowers are hanging in there.  The chipmunks are frantically try to save seeds for winter. My usual hummingbird left a month ago, but I have a little female that showed up today.
That is it for our neck of the woods.  I've been keeping busy and trying to keep cool.  Oh I have to show this little fella.  He is no bigger than a pencil.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Labor Day weekend.


  1. I bet it's difficult getting into your cabin with no deck. I hope that the new deck is built soon.

  2. I thought the deck was the front porch but I see one of the photos shows it on the side of the house. Will you build it the same size?

  3. Good luck with the deck rebuild . I hope your gardens get a good soaking rain while things are still growing.


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