Sunday, March 12, 2023


I'm beginning to wonder if someday winter is going to end.  It just keeps snowing.  More is forecasted for Wednesday.

I have a dream that someday I will be able to enjoy the deck.
Someday, I will be able to get in the Tomato Taj Mahal.  The lower door is iced shut right now and one must wade through waist deep snow to get to it.
I did and opened the top door to peek in.  I wish I could climb inside. 
It is a mess in there.  Someday, I will be able to get inside and tidy it up a bit.
Someday, I might even be able to plant some lettuce and spinach seeds.
I suppose I should be happy the snow is keeping me inside because someday I need to finish my graduation quilt.
I'm done with the feathers and so disappointed in myself.  I can't fix it so I need to keep moving forward.  The flying geese around the outside is next.  It must be an omen as the geese have been flying over.

Oh well, someday it will be hotter than heck outside, I'll be exhausted from trying to keep up watering everything, and I'll be wishing for winter.

What someday are you hoping for?


  1. Even if the quilt is not perfect to your standards, I like it. The colors are great.

  2. Just found your blog through some drilling-down and I just love that quilt - it looks perfect! I look forward to stopping by for a visit from time to time. Your porch looks wonderful too, very inviting. Linda

  3. For us some day it will be dry enough to start planting our potatoes. Soemday we will be able to get our onion and shalot sets in the ground,

  4. My goodness, you certainly have enough snow.......but what good moisture for things to sprout when it warms up! Your quilt with the feathers is so lovely and vibrant! Cant wait to see the flying geese border when you are finished! Wishing you warmer and pleasant days ahead!

  5. So true! When it is cold we want it to be hot. When it is hot we want it to be cold. We are such a strange species never totally satisfied. However being totally satisfied we would never reach beyond the present. Where would that leave us?


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