Saturday, March 25, 2023

Back in business...

 I am back in business.  I had technical difficulties and accidentally erased my sidebar with all of the blogs I follow.  It was no easy feat putting that back together.  On a positive note I was finally able to add some blogs I follow.  On the negative side, if you didn't ever comment I couldn't find you.

It has been a busy two weeks.  I saw the bighorn sheep today.  I was able to get a few pictures as we drove by.  The rams have really grown.  
It is still snowing and doesn't show any signs of warming up in the near future.  
At least it is tolerable now.  My husband got the ATV with tracks up and running again.  It is perfect to pack down snowshoe trails for Ella and I.
We are back to getting some exercise, which really improves our mood.  That is probably why my husband worked so hard to get it fixed.
We were finally able to use our fire table on the new deck.  I love it.  Perfect for roasting marshmallows, one of my favorite things to do.
I am making progress on the graduation quilt.  I think the border really adds some pop.  I was hoping that this graduation quilt challenge would improve my quilting abilities.  I'm not sure that is happening.  Still, it does make the winter go by.  Good thing it has been a long winter the year I had two due.
After 20 years, we were able to see the northern lights from our balcony.  Words cannot describe how happy that made me.  These are not my photos.  They are from a friend of my husband.   The lights above are what we saw.
This is what almost everyone else saw.  I don't know why we weren't able to observe the colors like everyone else.  Those pictures were only taken about five miles from us.

Winter is still here and doesn't seem willing to give up any time soon.  This was my Sunday walk with Ella.
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  It seems like time flies by.  Have you ever seen the northern lights?  Did you see them Thursday?


  1. I have wanted to see the northern lights forever!
    Your quilt is amazing! I live them bit don't think I could accomplish one.

  2. Welcome back! I have never seen the northern lights, though I had opportunities to see them. I agree that the quilt looks great; I love seeing the progress you make each week. And every time you mention Ella, I have to remember she's a dog because my daughter has a friend named Ella. Have a wonderful week, it should be nicer out!

  3. How exciting to see the lights while toasting marshmallows 😉

  4. Hello , one thing I have found to help when you have technical problems with your blog.......I think if you go on settings.....there is a place that says "backup or download your blog" If you do the steps for this, everything on your blog is saved and you can start right back up where you left. I hope this is still offered. Your quilt border is lovely! Stay warm!

  5. we did not get any snow this, hoo!! i have always wanted to see the northern lights!!

    glad you were able to get your blog back up and running!!

  6. I wondered what had happened to you. As to seeing northern lights - once. We were driving all night to northern Ontario and though at first it was thunderstorms in the distance but no it was the northern lights. This was in 1990. Snow is melting here though a brief top off came on Saturday evening. It's disappearing fast.

  7. I love the flying geese border; seems a perfect finish for your wonderful appliqued feathers. When conditions are just right, we sometimes are able to see a faint glow from the Northern Lights. They truly are one of Mother Nature's marvelous works of art.

  8. The Northern Lights were also visible one night here on the farm. I was so sad I slept through them. Next time if there is one I will set an alarm. B


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