Sunday, November 12, 2023

Care packages...

 We have been deer hunting all weekend.   My husband had tag for the prairie.   He harvested a beautiful buck, so now I am also butchering.

I also did some baking.   I have several nieces in their first year of college.   I always try to send a care package that first semester.   
I remember getting homesick my freshman year.  I also have fond memories of my grandmother's both sending me cookies.   I would tell them how great the other Grandma's cookies were.  Next thing you would know more cookies. 😏 
I made some hot cocoa mix and homemade peach jam.  I bought boxes of band aids for paper cuts (ha ha), but the joke is on me I can't remember where I put them. 
I love the sunrises and sunsets on the prairie.   Go figure I sat so the sun was perfectly behind one of only four trees.  Since you are supposed to be quiet and sit still while hunting,  I husband wouldn't appreciate it if I marched across the plains for a better shot.

Did anyone ever send you cookies?


  1. I lived at home when studying so missed out on the food parcels. THise cookies look tasty.

  2. I recall my mom sending CARE packages to me in college. Beautiful scenry on the prairie.

  3. You can send me cookies. I will give you my address.
    I found you again. I missed seeing your front porch picture. I don't know what happened, but I couldn't find your blog till now. Beth

  4. Congratulations on your husband's harvest. I personally do not hunt but come from a very long line of Maine hunters.
    I bet they appreciate goodies from home.


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