Sunday, December 3, 2023


I don't have much to share, except for an advent calendar idea and a few rainbow photos.   Yes, a rainbow in December. 

I got this lovely wooden advent calendar for my nieces so long ago.  I used to mail it to them every year and pick it up after Christmas to fill again.  That practice had to end as it was pretty rough on the poor thing.  

Last year I sent a 125 piece puzzle and asked my sister to put 5 pieces in each day.  This year, my oldest niece is in college.  I wanted to do something that involved her and the rest of the family.   I came up with the idea of having a different question every day. My brother was kind enough to print the questions and fill the calendar.  The kids will take a picture of the daily question, post it in our group chat, and we will all respond.  

So far so good.  We had some kinks at the beginning,  but I  think we are working through them.

We had a rainbow during a snow flurry today.   You never know what is going to happen around here.  Normally, I end my post with a question, so today I will ask an advent question. 


  1. Christmas day when we spend the whole day with my daughter son in law and my grand. We eat play games and just be together.
    I can ever remember seeing a rainbow in the snow.

  2. I like making and sending Christmas cards. I also like giving gifts.

  3. oooooh what a pretty rainbow. my favorite christmas tradition is going to my nieces house for a very early supper and them playing all sorts of games after dinner with the family. we have so much fun!!!

  4. Every Christmas Eve my grown kids bring their kids to make home made pizzas. They each make their own personal pan size pizza. Then we watch a Christmas Movie. Some bring their gifts every year, they go under our tree and we get up to a big breakfast with all the trimings. Then they spend the day or go to other places most of the time they come back for a visit before heading home.


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