Sunday, May 19, 2024

Out and about...

It has been a busy two weeks.  My niece held a graduation party last Friday.  They had a band and good food.  It was a great time. It is always a good thing when family can get together in celebration.  She enjoyed her quilt, but as the norm, I didn't get a picture of her opening it. 

After that we drove on to Minnesota to see my husband's family.  We had a good visit.  My mother-in-law told me that Darlene had turned 80, so we had to go see if the barn was painted in celebration. 

I can't wait to check in 10 years and see how they make it into a 90. 
I did some goat wrangling with my niece, Maya.  I found that it is much easier than trying to deal with cows when calving.  My years of goat tying as a kid came in handy.  I really dislike goats but have to admit those little buggers were pretty cute.
My husband and I went for a little walk.  I was joking that I would find some morel mushrooms.  Turns out I wasn't joking.  I found four monsters.  If you have never had a morel mushroom, I promise they are amazing.

We got home just as the daffodils and tulips were blooming.
My bees are looking good.  Luckily, they have plenty of apple trees, a flourishing crabapple, and several currents to keep them fed.
The wildflowers are blooming like crazy just down the road.  I love walking that way as every weekend the blooms are different.

My sister got me a soil test kit for Christmas.  I tried it on my outdoor vegetable beds.  It seems I am deficient in Nitrogen.  It also shows the beds could use some more potash.  We will see if it makes a difference.
Every year this rose-breasted grossbeak wanders through for a few days.
The sapsuckers are doing their yearly mating dances and rat-a-tat-tats.  
The grossbeaks are settling in and the Western tanagers are also found their way to my feeders this weekend.  I had a mountain blue bird fly through yesterday, but I'm sure he was on his way to somewhere with bigger meadows.

Wow.  A lot happens in a couple of weeks.  What spring birds do you have flying through?


  1. You do have some beautiful birds and the wildflowers are lovely.

  2. We've seen a Baltimore oriole a couple of times. And the hummingbirds are back and thirsty.
    What a nice couple of weeks of family gatherings you had.

  3. You have been busy having fun!! Great bird pictures.

  4. You sure have had fun. It sure is a busy time. Love the barn :-)

  5. Nice weather, baby kids, flowers and fun walks, you live a busy life! I would love to see a Scarlet Tanager in person - so pretty.


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