Sunday, May 5, 2024

Will Wonders Never Cease...

 Unbelievably, it is done...

Nor only that, I  still had time to plant the greenhouse. 

I can't say enough how happy I  am to get it done in time.  Amazing the difference when things go right.

Did you have any big accomplishments this weekend?


  1. Nice job finishing it up and whew, another thing off the to-do list. Looks great and I'm sure it will be treasured.

  2. It is a work of art. Is this a high school or college graduation gift?
    No accomplishments here. Just trying to get over this lousy cold. It's sidelined any activity on projects.

  3. Just beautiful! What a labour of love.
    Glad you got out and got your hands dirty later! We planted 7 small trees, but only had to plant them, as I'd prepped the holes beforehand, but glad to get them in.

  4. Such a wonderful work on the quilt. The colors are lovely and I love the flower, scroll, bee and leaf quilting! I love your greenhouse! Wishing you a happy Mother's day

  5. Our big achievement was getting more planting and sowing done. Well done for finishing the quilt.


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