Sunday, June 16, 2024

A day in the life...

 I've been keeping plenty busy.  We were lucky enough to have a visit from my cousin in Oregon.  We did some hiking and went to a local museum.  Of course, there was lots of visiting and catching up.  It has been about 10 years since their last visit.  Time spent with family is always precious.

I have a male and female hummingbird.  They are very sporadic in their visits.  They aren't too scared of me and follow you around if you are wearing a red shirt.
My flowers are starting to get into full swing.  These are my bachelor buttons mixed with wild roses.
There are a lot of visitors in the garden.  I've had butterflies, bumble bees, and little gnats.
I just love bumblebees.  They just mind their own business and wander through the flower beds.  Never in a hurry.
My little orange irises are blooming.  They are such a happy group.  
Towering above them is our windmill.  It was in dire need of a makeover.  My husband repainted the red accents.
We sanded the base and then I re-stained it.  I went on a staining binge.  Nothing escaped my brush.  The sidewalk, bench, swing, empty birdhouses, and a couple of planters.  
It looks so much better.  It was surprising how much the red tips had faded.
The yellow rose is starting to gear up.  In a couple of days, it will be completely covered in blooms.  Nothing compares to the scent of this rose.  
The irises are starting to bloom.  They are one of my favorite flowers because they come in every color combination under the rainbow.
Not only is my lilac filling the air with wonderful scents, but the honeysuckle is also extremely fragrant.
I am overjoyed to be able to wander through the garden and enjoy the constant blooms.  What do you have blooming?  Do you have bumble bees?  What is your favorite flower scent?  I think the yellow rose is my favorite, but I'm sure I will change my mind with the next bloom.


  1. Maybe you'll have baby humming birds. I never buy a rose that doesn't have perfume. I can never pick a favourite

  2. We were told by many people that there was a lovely yellow rose that used to grace our yard. I don't know what happened to it but I did pass a yellow rose down the road at a neighbor's and it had the best fragrance. Wish the one here had survived. As to what's in bloom, day lilies will be opening, I have a single peony bloom, my pots are full of blooms to numerous to mention and soon the Asiatic lilies will open too.

  3. I only see a bumble bee once or twice. There is so much crop dusting in our area I think it may have an affect on the bumble bee. You took such a wonderful photo of the hummingbird! Your flowers are lovely. I love the smell of lilac. A lilac bush grew right outside of my window when I was a teen.......I would raise the window and my room was filled with it's fragrance


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