Sunday, June 9, 2024

Funny story...

I found a butterfly stuck in the garage.  I let it crawl onto my finger and relocated it to a more fitting home.

We put the hail netting up.  That should keep us from getting any hail. I don't have much to protect yet as the only thing up is my asparagus.
My super sweet husband built this wonderful screen for my strawberry bed.  The deer have walked through it and last year birds and chipmunks kept eating my berries.  They are certainly safe now.
I went to a quilt show in Rapid City.  My friend had a booth so it was nice to spend a few minutes catching up.
I liked these two.  The owls are cute.  I appreciated the quilting on the landscape below.
This was my favorite.   You can't see the material on the buffalo is fuzzy and longer.  It was breathtaking. 
So I said there was a funny story, here it is. We have a problem with voles.  They girdle trees and shrubs, eat my flowers, and nip my seedlings before they get a chance to grow.  Mousetraps don't work in the summer, because I end up getting chipmunks and even a junco once in a while.  Using an air gun ensures you kill what you are trying to exterminate.  We keep it on the porch by the chair.  Since we live in the middle of nowhere, you can hear when someone is driving up and make sure the gun is discretely down.  Except for today. I was trimming my roses when a huge vole almost ran over my feet.  He wasn't scared of me, so I grabbed the air gun off of the porch.  I got him on the first shot.  I was focused on finding him, when lo and behold, someone drove by.  I was busy looking for the vole and never heard them coming.  I cannot imagine what they thought driving by a girl in overalls, floppy hat, and walking around aiming a gun at her flowers.
Sometimes you can't make these things up.  Anyway, that is all I have for the week.  What was something funny you saw when driving around?


  1. They probably fell in love with the "lovely resourceful pioneer woman". Haven't seen anything strange yet so far this season, I'll keep you posted.

  2. haven't seen any evidence of voles here. But in MD they took out the hosta. One day there was a hole with a huge hosta leaf being dragged into it. In the veg garden I could put hardware cloth screening under the raised beds to keep them out but nothing deterred them in perennial gardens.

  3. it is an "interesting" picture and i have nothing that could top that. i am not a fan of guns, you have talked about them here before and hunting and i cringe just a little. i LOVE your other content and try to understand your life, much different than mine in that way, but we are so similar in many other ways.

    the quilts are so pretty, you must have been in heaven!! i think i remember you making a quilt with buffalo on it??!!

  4. Hi Bonnie! Finally, I can comment on your blog! Wow! That vole didn't know what hit him! I bet they are a real bother!

  5. Love that last pic. Seeing that would sure give a passerby a bit of a jolt! Voles can do a lot of damage. Curious about the 'hail netting'. Do you get it on a regular basis?


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