Sunday, July 7, 2024

Various vegetables...

 I haven't talked vegetables for a while.  My greenhouse is doing great except for the occasional nibbling varmint. 

My okra is doing great as is my herb bucket. I plan on making soup wreaths with my rosemary, sage, parsley, and basil.
I'm super happy with my tomatoes and eggplants.
The outside beds are struggling,  as it has been way too cool to inspire them.
All of the apple trees look great.  I am worried about caterpillars as we have a million of them.
I saw aphids starting on my peppers, so I went to spray them.  I decided not to as there was a happy little ladybug munching away.

How are your vegetable gardens doing?  Right now, all I am harvesting is lettuce, spinach, and Bok choi.  If it ever warms up I'm sure things will change.  We were lucky enough to share the 4th with my brother and his girlfriend.  I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July festivities.


  1. Our plants don't know whether they are coming or going with the weather we are having. Yuk caterpillars - what type are they?

  2. My varmints here this year are the baby rabbits. So many and they eat everything. Never had it this bad, and the neighbor tell me they have the same overwhelming problem.

  3. Your apple tree looks so healthy. Ours is shriveled and pretty miserable looking. I'm going to have to google what to do with one for next year. :0)

  4. Rabbits are what are stealing my joy by eating the flower blooms and tender tips of my plants - arrgh. Yesterday a momma turkey and her poults came by and there was a bit of trampling going on but oh well, they're God's creatures too. The soup wreath sounds intriguing, maybe you can post about it.

  5. Looking good. I envy your greenhouse! Love to see the ladybug. We have those Asian beetles and haven't seen a native ladybug for years. Thanks for reminding me about Bok choy. Still time to plant that. Also curious about the soup wreaths?
    Picked the first few beans last night, and all the squash and cucs are starting to bloom.


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