Sunday, April 24, 2011

Who has been sleeping in my birdhouse?

Little drummer boy.

     I was having my morning coffee on the porch, surveying my domain when suddenly a flock of flickers landed on our light pole in a frenzy.  Love is in the air.  I made a mad dash for my camera, but wasn't fast enough.  Oh well, I figured today was a good day to wander around taking photos of the happy little birds enjoying their spring romance. 

The light pole lover.

She looked, but wasn't interested.

Not interested in much either.

   The forest is alive with a rat-a-tat-tatting as the male sapsuckers are trying to impress the ladies.  It is fun in the spring to watch and hear these guys all over the forest.  They keep the forest alive.
Happy bird.
      Besides following the sapsuckers I looked around to see who else was in the woods.  Of course there was the chickadees.  Such happy birds.  My grandmother loves them.  They are so curious.  Whenever I walk in the woods they follow along.

As the crow lands.

      I was surprised to see a crow.  They usually fly over on the way to somewhere more important.   I guess he may have been a lookout for our neighborhood hawk.  Later I saw a murder of crows attacking the hawk and driving him away. 

      I love blue jays.  When we lived in town I would put peanuts out every Sunday and the jays would come and politely take the peanuts one by one.  My country blue jays are a bit more skittish about people.  Any movement and they are gone!  I was lucky to even get this photo.
Signs of life.

Look blue sky!

         After taking some photos, I refilled my coffee cup and settled back on the porch.  It was then that I notice my new bird house was showing signs of use.  Sure enough there is a nest in there.  I resumed my chair and staked out the house hoping to find the builder.  Sounds like a good reason to sit on the porch and drink coffee.  I did finally find the culprit.  I wasn't very happy to find out who has been sleeping in my birdhouse.
A little snug!


    That was my Sunday adventure.  Coffee, bird watching, coffee.  As you can see from the photo, it will be awhile before gardening is in the equation.  Happy Easter.


  1. I love chickadees too! That's a great picture of the squirrel peering out of the birdhouse. Hope he doesn't stay. I didn't realize you got blue jays in South Dakota. We don't get them here on the West Coast.

    Happy Easter!

  2. I enjoyed all of your bird pictures! You going to inspire me to get a better camera! Your blue jays are very pretty :)

  3. Oh, he did steal the house didn't he? But one has to agree that he looks FANTASTIC peeking out the "window of his new cozy, warm and comfortable apartment"!

    C'mon... he is just another of God's creatures, isn't he/she? LOL

    Your blog is neat! I've been visiting you for a while now, without making any noises. This time I could not resist.
    Have a great day.

  4. Even though it's looks like Spring is finally coming your way! Allison, I live in the Pacific Northwest and we have Blue Jays that seem even bigger than their cousins in the East! Happy Spring to you dear friend. XOXO

  5. Gosh if I were there I would be sitting on that porch a lot! The little eye peeking out, what a great capture. I miss all the woodpeckers and blue jays, we do get stellar jays here though (PNW).

  6. I love your little quote in the sidebar about becoming an old lady in the garden, doing whatever the hell you want! That's perfect!

  7. Wow, what great pictures! I have never seen a Blue Jay here in Florida. They are so pretty. I love the shot of the squirrel!

  8. i love your pics! that little tiny squirrel peaking out is so darn cute!!

  9. It has been busy in the yard with birds. Cute picture of the pesty squirrel in the feeder. Have a great weeken.

  10. I love this post the birds are lovely. I could sit and have coffee all day and enjoy that view. Funny bird in your house. Smart though.
    Thanks for the beauty. B

  11. Thank you for stopping by to visit with us and our lovely tortoise...It is funny you should comment about her having babies, that is hubbies greatest wish for her...

    I enjoyed seeing all your birds. We have a pair of wrens setting up house on the front porch in my faux stag-horn plant...I have had to move it higher twice to keep our cats away, fortunately the birds keep returning and laying more eggs...though I am a little concerned about getting bird poop on my table now, as the highest hook is directly above it.

    Have a wonderful week

  12. I just love your blog! That little snug is darling and your bird houses are so charming...yep, you have an enchanted place in the woods for sure!
    thanks for your not on Boz Scenes! So glad you enjoy it!
    Deb ( and Boz too )

  13. Those are all great pictures, but I just love the squirrel. Gave me a chuckle!

  14. Your pictures are glorious! I love to sit out and watch the birds too.

    Btw, your porch looks sooo inviting..i'm coming over! hahaha

    happy day!


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