Thursday, March 1, 2012

An old cream can is new again...

My dad helped me out with this project.  He and I both love antiques.  He likes to look at them, but I like to find new uses for them.  My husband and I built our log cabin and although it is a great feeling creating your own cabin, a new home does not come with old stuff.  My sister and her husband bought an old farm and it was a gold mine in my eyes for old things that can be turned into new things.  Anyway, my husband and I have to keep our eyes open. 

One thing that has been driving me nuts is how to keep Ella's dog food.  I hated having the bag out, but couldn't find something that suited my taste to put it in.  That is where my dad comes in.  I love going around and looking at stuff with him.  During one of our forays I became obsessed with using a cream can for the dog food.

Dad had several cans around the farm and he found me the perfect one.  Not only did he find one the perfect size, with a lid that came off easy, even a chain to hold the lid on, but then he cleaned it up and oiled it and gave it to us for Christmas.  PERFECT.  I put a garbage bag inside and it now what holds Ella's dog food.  

Is that slick or what?  I love it.  Ella isn't so happy as she could get into the dog food bags.  There is no breaking into the cream can. 

Thanks Dad.


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    1. Looks awesome ! I just want to remind you that Google Friend Connect is disappering, no following anyone with it and no one can follow you either . Hundreds of bloggers are and have including myself have hooked up to a Linky follower that lets us keep track of our followers and vise versa ! I am hosting a Linky Blog Hop and would love for you to join so that we all can keep up with so many wonderful blogs ! Have a great day !

  2. Great use for an antique...we should all be so lucky when we age!

  3. I so love that Ella look. I used one of these as a shower.I filled it and held it over my head for the get wet part. I soaped up and i used a couple to rinse at my pump in the backyard.One day I opened my eyes to an insurance man who was rather startled, I hadn't heard him pull in.

  4. I love the photo of Ella with you "Thanks Dad" under it; it looks like she's saying... "Yeah... THANKS DAD" LOL. That is a TERRIFIC storage idea!

  5. That is a great idea, we just happen to have one in my shop! :-)

  6. This is a great idea! I have an old one from my parents' farm sitting on the porch and I put a potted plant in it in the summertime. (here's an idea my Dad gave me to keep it from rusting when not in use...put crumpled up newspaper inside it, and it absorbs the moisture and keeps the rust at bay!)

  7. This is a very cool idea...and who I say , who doesn't love the old milk cans? I have two...keep them outside for decoration...such a simple, but functional classic. Poor Ella....what happened to the bag...?

  8. That is so great, I love old milk cans. My grandmothers old garage is next door to me. I know it is filled with all kinds of antiques. I keep thinking I will ask my SIL if I can go shopping, I just haven't.
    It is nice getting to build your own house isn't it?
    I am just getting around finally to visit. It seems like forever since I had time.

  9. Great re purpose of the milk can! Brings to mind the 4th of July fireworks, drove Dot the Wonder Dog crazy and she shredded up a 50# bag of dog food while we were gone.

  10. I love Ella's milk can. Perfect for the problem of storing the food. TWO THUMBS UP!

    Sending warm hugs across the cold miles,



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